Lean B2B: Build Products Businesses Want (Second Edition)

Get from Idea to Product/Market Fit in B2B. 

The world has changed.

Nowadays, there are more companies building B2B products than there’s ever been.

Products are entering organizations top-down, middle-out, and bottom-up. Teams and managers control their budgets. Buyers have become savvier and more impatient. The case for the value of new innovations no longer needs to be made.

Technology products get hired, and fired faster than ever before.

The challenges have moved from building and validating products to gaining adoption in increasingly crowded and fragmented markets. 

This, requires a new playbook

The second edition of Lean B2B is the result of years of research into B2B entrepreneurship. It builds off the unique Lean B2B Methodology, which has already helped thousands of entrepreneurs and innovators around the world build successful businesses.

In this new edition, you’ll learn:

  • Why companies seek out new products, and why they agree to buy from unproven vendors like startups

  • How to find early adopters, establish your credibility, and convince business stakeholders to work with you

  • What type of opportunities can increase the likelihood of building a product that finds adoption in businesses

  • How to learn from stakeholders, identify a great opportunity, and create a compelling value proposition

  • How to get initial validation, create a minimum viable product, and iterate until you're able to find product/market fit

This second edition of Lean B2B will show you how to build the products that businesses need, want, buy, and adopt

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