Find Your Market

“Build it and they will come.”

But what if they don’t?

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Find Your Market is a book that helps technology entrepreneurs and innovators find the right market for their innovations.

It shows them exactly how to:

1. Evaluate if their product is aimed at the right market or customers;

2. Identify promising market opportunities derived from the unique strengths of their technology;

3. Lock in on their best market opportunity, confirm its potential, and mold the product positioning to get the growth engines going.

Deciding which customers to target should never be an afterthought.

Yet, 73% of startups get the wrong market first.

You don’t need to get the market wrong, you don’t need to spin your wheels, and you don’t need to build a product hoping customers will come.

Get on the right track with Find Your Market, a short, practical guide designed to help you find the best market for your innovation.

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